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Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild Portal. We have meetings every Friday night starting at 6:30, in Oelman Hall, 3rd floor. We are an expanding club interested in promoting the social aspect of gaming in all its forms. Anyone and everyone who is interested is welcome to come by see us, and If you need any help just drop by Oelman 309.


Official monthly meeting info is normally posted on our Facebook page, if not through the OrgSync notifications.

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Adventurers' Guild is Wright State's gaming organization. We focus on table top, card, and video gaming. Most of our members have interest in all forms of games, and we support this with a fun and social atmosphere. Anyone with interest in video games, card games (such as Magic the Gathering), or table top gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40K) are welcome to stop by our meetings. We meet 3rd Floor of Oleman Hall Every Friday night 6:30-Midnight. contact: or our facebook page if you have any questions. Our website:


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3rd Floor Oelman Hall

President's Name

Jacquelyn Bayham

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Liam Reid

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Liam Reid

Advisor's Name

Travis E.W. Doom

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Associate Professor