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***All events are 8-9 pm. Eboard meetings are in Eaton 108 and general meetings are in the South Activities Room of the Shalala Center. Training circles will meet on the Eaton patio, weather permitting***


18: Training Circle

25: Training Circle 

28: Trainer Try-outs

31: Puppy Kissing Booth


1: General Meeting 

8: Training Circle 

15: Training Circle 

29: Training Circle


6: End of Semester Party 

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Portal Information


U PUP is dedicated to building character in students by training, or assisting others in training, puppies provided by Canine Companions for Independence. The dogs shall eventually be trained as assistance dogs and given to those with disabilities. We aim to cultivate leaders on the UM campus and raise awareness of service dogs training, behavior, etiquette, and fraud. Members will be able to join our purpose through a variety of ways, ranging from puppy raising to community outreach events. We look forward to meeting you!


Community Outreach & Social Change

Full Organization Name


Organization Guidelines and Objectives

- Create a community of students on the UM campus enthused about and dedicated to training service dogs.
- Implement a puppy training program through the club that is run by eboard leaders who have been trained in CCI commands. Training meetings will be held for active members raising a dog.
- Equip members with the information necessary to educate other students, as well as the public, about the purpose of service dogs by holding education workshops at least once a semester
- Create three tiers of puppy raising/involvement. The first shall be for members to co-raise a service dog in training; the second tier is puppy sitting which involves members in the day-to-day raising of a puppy who are not able raise a dog full time. This tier also serves as the necessary training period for members wishing to raise a CCI puppy, provided the meet the raiser requirements outlined below; the third tier combines fundraising and outreach. Involvement at this level is run through
- Show members the ultimate purpose of puppy training by attending a CCI graduation ceremony in Orlando annually to view the succession of new puppies and graduating dogs.

Meeting Time/Date/Location

- Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month in the South Activites Room of the Shalala Center, at 8 P.M.
- Training circles are held on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday's of the month at 8 P.M, on the Eaton Patio

President University of Miami E-mail Address
President/Chair First and Last Name

Jamie Tryba

Treasurer E-mail Address
Treasurer First and Last Name

Jack Dickman

Primary Advisor First and Last Name

Joy Beverly

Advisors's Title at University of Miami