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Husky Student

Leadership Summit

The Husky Student Leadership Summit is an annual leadership conference presented by BU alumni, faculty, staff and student leaders. The leadership summit is a great opportunity for students to network with BU alumni, enhance their leadership skills, learn more about ways to get involved in campus life and engage in workshops for their CLE Leadership Certification. With a focus on professional development, participants will get the chance to engage in mock interviews, resume review sessions, personal branding consultation meetings, professional headshots, panel discussions, a career fair and a networking leadership luncheon. It is sponsored by the Center for Leadership & Engagement (CLE), Community Government Association (CGA) and Center for Professional Development and Career Experience (CPDCE).

The 11th Annual Husky Student Leadership Summit will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017.


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The Husky Student Leadership Summit is an annual day-long leadership conference designed to allow students the opportunity to enhance their professional skills, network with BU alumni and engage in various leadership certification themed workshop sessions. Sponsored by the Center for Leadership & Engagement, Community Government Association and Alumni Professional Development.