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2020 PSEG ISS Green Team Program: Corporate/Agency Application

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What problems or questions would you like MSU Students to address for your company?

Please separate with a comma or enter each on a new line

Preferred meeting day/time to connect with team?

Mondays and Thursdays are the teams' field trip and training days. The University is closed on Fridays and only in exceptional situations can students work Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays as many students have significant financial need and need to maintain their academic year jobs during the course of the internship by working on those days.

Green Teams cost $50,000. Projects completed generally save organizations in excess of $250,000. If you are able to pay for a team, that will be considered in the review process. We will also work with those not able to cover full costs, particularly non-profit organizations and municipalities, as limited funding is available.

Visit our Green Teams website for more information on the work of past Green Teams.