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ACFC Benchmark Memo for 2018-19

This form is used by outside (non-UO) organizations and University Athletics to submit information about their anticipated 2018-19 budget proposal to the ASUO Athletics & Contracts Finance Committee.

"Benchmarks" help Student Officials plan for the upcoming budget process.

The information provided in this form is not binding for either party and does not represent an agreement with the University of Oregon or the ASUO.

Deadline? Benchmark memos must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday, October 30.

Who Can Submit? Only non-UO organizations (and UO Athletics) who have been invited to submit a service proposal by a Student Official representing the Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee. 

  • Are you a UO Department? This is not your form. Please contact or your DFC Student Official "tag".
  • Are you an ASUO Recognized Student Organization? This is not your form, nor do you need to submit a benchmark. Contact or your PFC Student Official "tag" with questions about your responsibilities.

Tips for Completing:

  • Please be as specific and accurate as possible.
  • Identify in writing any proposed changes in the types of services and related costs.
  • One form per organization will be accepted.
  • This is step one of three in the budget process. Step two includes completing and submitting your formal budget request and step three includes participating in an ACFC budget hearing.

What Happens After You Submit?

  1. A Student Official from ACFC will review your benchmark memo and "approve" the document you submitted; approval means your form has been accepted; it does not indicate committee approval of your request.
  2. Before October 23, you will receive an email from ACFC with information about your formal budget request and a link to the ACFC Budget Proposal Form for 2018-19.
  3. Your formal Budget Proposal is due by 11:59pm on Friday, November 10.

Questions? Contact the ASUO Athletics & Contracts Finance Committee at A Student Official from ACFC will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

This form closed on October 31, 2017 11:00 PM PDT