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FY20 DFC Benchmark Form

This form is used by Department-Based Programs to submit their 2019-20 budget forecast, or "benchmark," to the ASUO Departments Finance Committee. Department-Based Programs which are currently funded (all or in part) by the Incidental Fee are eligible to complete this form.

To our Department-Based Programs: thank you for helping us make informed decisions in a timely manner. The data you provide through this form will guide ASUO Officers in their creation of a financial forecast. Submission of this form is not a formal request for funding, nor will it be considered as such.

Deadline: We ask that all Department-Based Programs complete this form no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, October 12.

Who Can Submit? Only Department-Based Programs which are currently funded by ASUO may submit a benchmark.

  • Are you a Contracted Service Vendor? This is not your form. Please contact
  • Are you an ASUO Recognized Student Organization? This is not your form, nor do you need to submit a benchmark. Contact or your PFC Student Official "tag" with questions about your responsibilities.

Tips for Completing:

  • One form may be submitted by each Department.
  • Your accuracy is appreciated. Please be as specific as possible about any proposed changes in the types of services and programming your department intends to provide for 2019-20. If you are requesting an increased budget, Student Officials need to know what basis you are using to estimate these costs.
  • New for Fall 2018: The Incidental Fee Budget is in an under-realized situation, meaning that ASUO Officers are deciding how to resolve a large operating deficit. Officers are considering all options, including use of their budget reserve. Please anticipate that you may be asked to reduce your budget over last year. Minimally, you should expect that any request for a budget increase will be subject to high scrutiny.
  • The Current Service Level Memo is being finalized and will be posted soon. You will find it, as well as additional resources about the ASUO Budget Process, on the ASUO Website:

What Happens After You Submit?

  1. An ASUO Officer will receive your benchmark request and "approve" the form; approval is part of our administrative process and does not indicate your budget has been accepted by the committee.
  2. No later than October 15, you will receive an email from DFC with additional budget information and a link to this year's DFC Budget Proposal Form. You will also be invited to meet with a member of DFC to discuss the budget process and committee priorities.
  3. Your department must complete the Budget Proposal Form, which is detailed and will require several attachments, no later than November 9.

Questions? Check the ASUO Website first; then, for lingering questions, contact ASUO Finance at or 541-346-0626.

This form closed on October 12, 2018 11:59 PM PDT