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Hannah H Cantrell
Apr 2, 2020

2020 American Degree Applicants

Apr 2, 2020 by Hannah H Cantrell

Advisors - please find attached to this email a list of American FFA Degree applicants and their application status. 

If your student’s is listed as Needs review, please review those corrections and make all necessary changes. All corrections must be made by Monday, April 13th in order for the student's application to be submitted to National FFA for approval. Students who are listed as Approved do not need to take any further action.

Pay close attention to the community service section as National FFA has set very strict requirements as for what is acceptable for community service activities. A guide for community service activities is attached. 

Please note that if an application needed revisions an email was sent to the student’s email address listed on the cover of the application. This email came from Additionally, comments about required revisions can also be found in the application tracker on the homepage of

If you or your student have questions about the required revisions, please We have very limited office hours right now and ask that you please utilize email to contact our office instead of calling.

Once corrections have been made, please email a PDF of the updated application to by April 13, 2020. An official press release will be sent out after April 13th with a complete listing of the 2020 American FFA Degree candidates.

2020 American Degree Candidates .pdf
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Community Service Guidelines for FFA Degrees.pdf
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