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Ronnie Simmons
Mar 31, 2019

Convention Information: 91st Florida FFA State Convention & Expo

Mar 31, 2019 by Ronnie Simmons


We are only 70 days away from the start of the 91st Florida FFA State Convention & Expo!  Our staff and officers are busy planning for the biggest and best convention ever!

Our goal is to launch all convention related information tomorrow, April 1st at 3:30 PM (EDT).  

This launch will include the following:

  • Convention Website
  • Convention Registration System
  • Hotel Lodging Reservation System
  • Expo Exhibitor/Vendor Registration System
  • Convention Related Applications, including:
    • Convention Staff & Workshop Facilitator Application
    • Courtesy Corps Application
    • Media Room Internship Application
    • Talent Application
    • Event Judge RSVP Form
    • VIP RSVP Form

While the overall convention experience will look similar to previous years, there are several notable changes to this year's convention experience:

  • There will be eight (8) General Sessions instead of nine, as follows:
    • Tuesday, June 11th
      • 1st General Session - Evening
    • Wednesday, June 12th
      • 2nd General Session - Morning
      • 3rd General Session - Afternoon
      • 4th General Session - Evening
    • Thursday, June 13th
      • 5th General Session - Morning
      • 6th General Session - Afternoon
      • 7th General Session - Evening
    • Friday, June 14th
      • 8th General Session - Morning
  • The FFA/Iowa Pork Concession Trailer will not be onsite
    • Due to changes in hotel management and policy, outside food vendors/caterers are not allowed on hotel property.
    • We are continuing to work with the hotel and convention center staff to ensure that affordable food concessions/options are made available onsite.  More details to follow.
  • Lodging
    • Due to the concession trailer not being onsite, we anticipate a greater demand for the limited number of lodging Villas (with kitchens) available.
    • Because of this, the policy limiting each school to two Villas will be strictly enforced.  This includes reservations made under alias names, such as junior chapters, other advisor names, etc.  Our goal is to accommodate as many chapters as possible with villas for kitchen/meal prep purposes.
    • As always, there is no limit on the number of regular sleeping rooms a school/chapter may book.  However, each school is limited to no more than two villas.  

Stay tuned for more information to follow and get excited for a Remarkable experience in Orlando!


Frederick Peter Ahrens

When will tentative convention schedule be available?

Ronnie Simmons

Today at 3:30 PM

Kailee Morris

The link for house will be available at 3:30 as well?