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Ronnie Simmons
Apr 27, 2018

Event Results: 2018 Ornamental Horticulture Demonstration Career Development Event (CDE)

Apr 27, 2018 by Ronnie Simmons

Florida FFA is excited to announce the results of the 2018 Ornamental Horticulture Demonstration Career Development Event (CDE).  

A special thank you goes to the CDE Superintendent, Dr. Ed Osborne, the UF/AEC department for coordinating and hosting this event, and the team of volunteer judges for assisting with this event.

As a matter of procedure, event results are considered unofficial for (2) business days following publishing. It is the responsibility of the FFA Advisor to request and review individual team results. Any appeal must be made to the FFA Executive Secretary in writing for necessary adjustments to be made.  At the close of business on the second business day following publishing, results will be official.

FFA members competing in any Career Development Event (CDE) or Leadership Development Event (LDE) at the state level (including online and onsite preliminaries) must be listed on the chapter’s membership roster and the roster must have been submitted to state.  During the two business day period following the publishing of event results, while results are considered to be “unofficial”, membership eligibility will be confirmed for all participants on qualifying teams.  For any chapter whose members are not found on the roster, the FFA advisor will be notified and given an opportunity to correct the roster and pay a $100 late fee by the close of business (5:00pm EST) on the second business day.  If corrections are not made and/or the late fee not paid, students will be removed from the score report.

Event Results Summary

High School – Production

1.  Frostproof
2.  Palmetto
3.  Middleburg Sr.
4.  Chipey
5.  Durant
6.  Ocoee
7.  Williston
8.  Coral Reef
9.  Sebring
10.  Dean Bozeman
11.  Lake Minneola
12.  Matanzas

High School – Marking
1.  Cedar Key
2.  Lake Placid
3.  J.F. St. Martin
4.  Frostproof
5.  Hialeah Gardens
6.  Lakewood Ranch
7.  Belleview
8.  Ocoee
9.  Middleburg

High School – Consumer Use
1.  Chiefland
2.  Newsome
3.  Pine Ridge
4.  Lake Butler
5.  Sebring
6.  Palmetto
7.  Chipley
8.  Frostproof
9.  Ocoee
10.  Sneads
11. Lake Weir
12. Hialeah Gardens

High School – Artistic Arrangement
1.  Durant
2.  Lake Gibson
3.  Orlando Colonial
4.  Baker County
5.  Lafayette
6.  Sebring
7.  Belleview
8.  Sarasota Riverview
9.  Hialeah Gardens
10.  New Smyrna Beach
11.  Chipley
12.  Malone

High School – Landscaping
1.  Timber Creek
2.  Strawberry Crest
3.  Braden River
4.  Lake Placid
5.  Chipley
6.  Frostproof
7.  Dean Bozeman
8.  Trenton
9.  Matanzas
10.  Santa Fe

Middle School – Production|
1.  Turkey Creek MS
2.  Cottondale MS
3.  Dundee Ridge MS
4.  Lake Butler MS
5.  Trenton MS
6.  Hialeah Gardens MS
7.  Avon Park MS
8.  Dunnellon MS
9.  Haile MS
10.  Creekside MS

Middle School - Marketing
1.  Turkey Creek MS
2.  Dundee Ridge MS
3.  Sun Ridge MS
4.  Sebring MS
5.  Lake Butler MS
6.  Chiefland MS
7.  Gray MS
8.  Haile MS
9.  Malone MS

Middle School – Consumer Use
1.  Tomlin MS
2.  Chiefland MS
3.  Dundee Ridge MS
4.  Gray MS
5.  Sun Ridge MS
6.  Mayport Coastal Sciences MS
7.  Marianna MS
8.  Avon Park MS
9.  Buffalo Creek MS
10.  Creekside MS
11.  Richmond Heights MS

Middle School – Artistic Arrangement
1.  Dundee Ridge MS
2.  Randall MS
3.  Wolf Lake MS
4.  Williston MS
5.  Dunnellon MS
6.  Marianna MS
7. Avon Park MS
8.  Nolan MS
9.  Creekside MS
10.  Baker County MS
11.  John I. Smith MS

Middle School – Landscaping
1.  Chiefland MS
2.  Dundee Ridge MS
3.  Turkey Creeks MS
4.  Sebring MS
5.  Sun Ridge MS
6.  Gray MS
7.  Nolan MS
8.  John I. Smith MS
9.  Marianna MS
10.  Lake Butler MS
11.  Creekside MS