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Ronnie Simmons
Jan 18, 2018

Event Information: FFA Capitol Day

Jan 18, 2018 by Ronnie Simmons

FFA Advisors,

Together, FAAE and Florida FFA are finalizing plans for the 2018 FFA Capitol Day!  This event is a premier opportunity to tell the story of FFA and Agricultural Education.  While the Blue Jacket is a familiar icon to many of our elected officials, it is critically important that they connect the jacket with real examples of school-based agricultural education, and the profound impact that it has on our state and nation.  This event is not just a fun trip to The Capitol, it is an opportunity to educate our students about the legislative process and advocate for agricultural education.  

This email includes the most up-to-date information regarding the event, along with other supplemental materials that you will want to share with your students prior to your arrival in Tallahassee.

Event Information:
FFA Capitol Day - presented by the Florida Association of Agricultural Educators (FAAE)
Tuesday, January 30th - 8:30 AM
The Capitol - Governor's Cabinet Meeting Room - Tallahassee

Event FAQs:

  • When is the deadline to register?  January 22nd
  • How do I register my FFA Chapter to attend?  To register, visit
  • Do FFA Advisors have to be FAAE Members to attend?  Yes, it is important that the agricultural education profession share a unified voice in Tallahassee.  FAAE is the collective advocacy voice of our profession.
  • How can I find out who my Senator and/or Representative is?  
  • What should I do prior to arriving in Tallahassee?  
    1. Make Appointments:  It is very important that you schedule appointments with your elected officials in Tallahassee, prior to arriving.  Because of the rigor of the legislative session, it is recommended that you make your appointments well in advance.  Please note that your appointments should be made after 11:00 AM, if possible to avoid missing out on our morning agenda (see schedule attached).  We will ask you to share your appointments at check-in.  It is expected that each chapter make several visits during your time in Tallahassee.
    2.  Prepare Your Students:  
      • Attached to this email are several documents that you will want to be sure you share with your students.  As you know, we have two bills working their way through the House of Representative and the Senate to provide significant funding for FFA and Agricultural Education.  It is extremely important that you and your students are well-versed on these requests.  Please do not wait until the day of the event to discuss these items with your students (see information attached). 
      • Below is a link to a video of one of our State FFA Officers (Mitchell Singleton) speaking on behalf of our FFA Funding Request earlier this week.  To see the video, visit:  The FFA portion of the video begins at approximately three minutes into the video (03:15).
      • Below is a link to an FFA video entitled "Preparing for a Legislative Visit".  Be sure to take the time to share this video with your students.  YouTube video link:
  • What is the expected attire?
    • FFA Advisors are expected to wear professional attire (suits, ties, etc.)
    • FFA Members are expected to be in proper Official Dress, as outlined in the FFA Manual.

Important Materials:

2018 FFA Day Information Packet.pdf
Click to View
2018 Capitol Day Reminders.pdf
Click to View

Thank you again for recognizing the importance of this event to the future of FFA and Agricultural Education.  If you have any questions, please let us know.


Kalyn Hartley

Per the previous email sent out on December 18th from Mrs. Dodge I was under the impression that the registration deadline was January 24th not the 22nd. Could you please clarify which is the correct deadline? Thank you!

Samantha L. Dodge

Due to ordering materials the deadline has been changed to today 1/22/2018. Contact me directly if you need assistance.