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Erin Walker
Dec 5, 2017


Dec 5, 2017 by Erin Walker

Registration for the 2017 Florida FFA Sub-District Leadership Development Events (LDE) & Career Development Events (CDE) that will be held on December 12, 2017 is closed.

Please find attached the FINAL list of participants (no other participants will be added).

Sub-District CDE/LDE preliminaries are hosted by an identified school and teacher within your FFA Chapter’s assigned sub-district. A document is attached with the event information that has been provided by the host for each sub-district.  

Additional specific event information will be provided by the host.  Questions about start times, location and other logistics should be directed to the sub-district host.

Sub-District Hosts: Please submit all results no later than 5 PM, December 15th (Friday). Please also mail (hardcopy) the Sub-District Officer report back to our office, as it has signatures that we need to retain. We do not ask for any other materials to be returned to our office (score sheets, extra ribbons, etc.).

Results should be submitted using this link:


General Reminders

Safe Tractor Operations CDE

Each participant can take a two minute test drive with the implement attached, but not through the course.

Opening & Closing Ceremonies LDE

As a reminder, beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, we will be using the updated National FFA Opening & Closing Ceremonies. Please ensure that your judges are aware of this change.

Prepared Public Speaking LDE

Prepared Public Speaking: Please be reminded that three copies of the Prepared Public Speaking manuscripts are due to the Sub-District host one (1) week prior to the LDE. In the event that the manuscripts are not received, the host & judges should eliminate all points associated with the manuscript. Note: It is the responsibility of the participating team to ensure that the manuscript is received by the host. If in doubt, please contact the host before the deadline to ensure that the manuscripts were received.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE

Students WILL NOT have computer access at the Sub-District and District levels.  Computers will only be used at the state and national level.



Membership & Competitive Event Participation

As a reminder, in accordance with Florida FFA Board policy, we will continue to check membership eligibility for all teams and individuals placing in all state level Career and Leadership Development Events. FFA members competing must be listed on the chapter’s membership roster and the roster must have been submitted to state level within the FFA Membership System.

Quality Chapter Plan Submission & Competitive Event Participation

FFA chapters must submit the Quality Chapter Plan prior to participating in any competitive event.  If the Quality Chapter Plan has not been submitted by the close of business on the published registration deadline, the chapter will not be considered for official ranking within that event. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! While the chapter will be eligible to register and participate, participants will not be included in the scoring process. To avoid eligibility issues, the Quality Chapter Plan should be submitted by the published due date. You will not be able to register without confirming you have completed this step. 

Alternate Policy

Per Florida FFA Board Policy, NO ALTERNATES will be permitted to participate in any competitive event.

2017 Sub-District Event Hosts.pdf
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Event Overview - Sub-District CDE & LDE.pdf
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2017 Sub-District Registration, FINAL.pdf

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Alyson Mccullough

Will Tractor participants be taking their test ahead of time or onsite?