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Hannah H Cantrell
Nov 27, 2017

OFFICIAL Event Results: 2017 Dairy Evaluation CDE Preliminary

Nov 27, 2017 by Hannah H Cantrell

Florida FFA is excited to announce the official results of the 2017 Dairy Evaluation CDE Preliminary.  The top 20 high school teams and the 10 middle school teams will advance to the state finals in 2018.  All ties were broken using the drop score.  If a tie was unable to be broken, the teams are listed alphabetically.

If you see an asterisk beside one or more of your team member’s scores, please use the following key:

*Student is not listed on the current FFA roster and/or has not been submitted to state.

**Roster has not been completed, no members listed

***Roster has not been submitted to state

Changes have been made to the original results in accordance with board policy.

High School Teams (Advancing to the State Finals)

  1. Lafayette
  2. Wesley Chapel
  3. Deane Bozeman
  4. South Sumter Jr.
  5. Branford
  6. Mount Dora
  7. Ft. White
  8. South Sumter Sr.
  9. Okeechobee Brahman
  10. Chipley
  11. Bronson
  12. Riverview
  13. Sickles
  14. Spoto
  15. Trenton
  16. Riverview Jr.
  17. Wildwood
  18. Hudson
  19. Graceville
  20. Keystone Heights Sr.

Middle School Teams (Advancing to the State Finals)

  1. Okechobee Yearling MS
  2. Lafayette MS
  3. Turkey Creek MS
  4. Ft. White MS
  5. Tomlin MS
  6. Bronson MS
  7. South Sumter MS
  8. Grand Ridge MS
  9. Deane Bozeman MS
  10. Branford MS
2017 HS Dairy Prelim RESULTS_Official.pdf
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2017 MS Dairy Prelim Results_Official.pdf
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