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Ronnie Simmons
Oct 6, 2017

State Officer Request System - Now Available

Oct 6, 2017 by Ronnie Simmons

FFA Advisors,

Our State FFA Officers are excited to begin visiting chapters throughout the state beginning later this month!  Our officers will soon be training on a brand new curriculum and will be prepared to share it with your members.  In order to ensure that an officer is available to visit your program, we encourage you to submit a request as soon as possible.

The link to request a State Officer to visit your chapter has been restored on our website at or you can request an officer directly by clicking here.  Please note that all state officer requests must be submitted using the only request system.  Face to face/verbal requests are not considered “official” and will not be placed on the officers calendar until an online request has been submitted and approved.  Once your request has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you and a state officer will contact you within 48 hours (first by email).  Please be prepared to discuss the details of your request and any expectations that you have for the officers visit.  Please read the following details carefully.

Helpful tips regarding a State Officer Visit:

  1. When the officer contacts you, please confirm that they have the correct date and time of the scheduled visit.
  2. Provide the officer with the necessary information about the visit so that they may be adequately prepared.
  3. Tell the officer what you do or do not want them to talk about.  They are prepared to tailor their presentation to your needs.
  4. Talk to the state officer about your classes and what they might expect.  Warn them about possible problems or special situations.
  5. Please inform the state officer of any students with special needs so that accommodations can be made.
  6. State Officers are not responsible for student discipline.  Outside of normal classroom management techniques, the agriculture teacher is responsible for the behavior of the students.
  7. Please be present in your classroom (or location of presentation) during the state officer visit.  Do not leave the State Officer alone with your students.  State Officers have been instructed to discontinue their presentation if the agriculture teacher is not present.  Please do not schedule a State Officer visit when there is a substitute teacher.
  8. Have your chapter officer team prepared to meet the state officer.  During lunch or after the presentation is always a good time.
  9. Please give a positive introduction prior to the State Officers presentation.  Your introduction sets the mood of the visit and can help your students understand the role of a State Officer and their purpose within the Florida FFA Association.
  10. Please inform the State Officer whether or not they will be eating in the cafeteria or if they should be prepared to get lunch on their own.
  11. Inform the State Officer where to park and proper procedure for arriving at your school.
  12. If it is required that State Officers enter through your school's front office and obtain a visitors pass prior to coming to your classroom, please inform the front office of their anticipated arrival.
  13. It is encouraged that State Officers meet with principals, guidance counselors, etc.  Please inform the State Officer if such a visit is expected.
  14. State Officers cannot attend multiple day chapter visits.  Due to the large number of chapter requests, chapter visits are limited to a single day.
  15. Individual FFA Chapters are responsible for overnight lodging for the officer if required.  See officer lodging policy below, if applicable.
  16. The online request system dispatches officers based on the FFA Area in which your chapter is located.  You should expect that the Area Vice President in your area will be the officer visiting your chapter.  Requests for officers other than your area officer may not be accommodated.

Please be reminded that due to the large number of chapter requests, we can only provide a single day State Officer visit.  If your class scheduling presents a problem for a single day visit, we encourage you to pull your students together in an assembly type activity so that the state officer can present to as many students as possible during their visit.

State FFA Officer Lodging Policy (if applicable)

State FFA officers require the privacy and space necessary for concentrating on official FFA business. Please allow appropriate free time and avoid extremely early or late hours. Consideration of this need will ensure the officers are fully prepared for the activity they are attending - and the activities that follow.

  1. Lodging is the responsibility of the host chapter. Accommodations are to consist of a moderate or budget-priced hotel or motel.
  2. Because of the demands on an officer's time and energy, providing for an overnight stay with a host family will not be permitted. 
  3. When a hotel or motel is not possible, every effort should be made to ascertain the suitability and appropriateness of alternative forms of housing at the approval of the Florida FFA Executive Secretary and/or the event times should be adjusted to allow adequate drive time from officers home.
  4. The host chapter should cover the charges for a hotel or motel directly, thus avoiding the invoicing process after the event is over. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.



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