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Hannah H Cantrell
Sep 21, 2017

Event Information: 2017 Agricultural Education CDE

Sep 21, 2017 by Hannah H Cantrell

FFA Advisors,

The final information for the 2017 Ag Ed CDE is now available.  Please see the attached event overview for details.

Lesson Plan Submission

Lesson plans are to be submitted electronically to the FL FFA State Office by November 1st (November 8 – grace period); and will also serve as the participant’s registration.  The link for electronic submission is available on the Event Overview and is copied below.

Focus Area

This year’s theme for the Agricultural Education CDE is “plant science.” Lessons should focus on standard 5.0 from the Florida Agricultural Education Agriscience Foundations course (see below). The lesson plan template is attached.


05.0           Investigate and utilize basic scientific skills and principles in plant science--The student will be able to:

  • 05.01         Identify and describe the specializations within the plant science industry. 
  • 05.02         Categorize plants based on specific characteristics according to industry and scientific standards.  
  • 05.03         Examine the processes of plant growth including photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, absorption, transfer, storage, reproduction, etc….  
  • 05.04         Identify the nutrients required for plant growth from the periodic table and explain their functions.  
  • 05.05         Analyze information from a fertilizer label. 
  • 05.06         Propagate and grow plants through sexual and/or asexual reproduction. 
  • 05.07         Investigate the impacts of various pests and propose solutions for their control. 
  • 05.08         Investigate the nature and properties of food, fiber, and by-products from plants. 
  • 05.09         Explore career opportunities in plant science.

If you have any questions regarding the focus area please contact the event superintendent, Dr. Grady Roberts,

Ag Ed CDE Lesson Plan Template.docx
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Event Overview - 2017:18 Ag Ed CDE.pdf
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