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Michael J Rogalsky
Jul 26, 2017

Florida FFA Foundation Ten For Ten Giving Program for Florida's Agriculture Educators

Jul 26, 2017 by Michael J Rogalsky

The Florida FFA Foundation is pleased to announce the TEN FOR TEN GIVING PROGRAM for Florida's Agriculture Education Teachers! This program is specifically created for agriculture education teachers to commit to giving $10 per month for 10 months for a total yearly contribuition of $100. Donations begin in August and run through May, in conjunction with the school year. All donations are tax deductible and proceeds benefit the Florida FFA Foundation. To sign up, please visit

Kendall Clark was inspired by her grandmother’s previous battle with NHL Lymphoma, which she recovered from thanks to radiation treatment. Unfortunately, the radiation caused her to develop thyroid cancer, which she has also recovered from. She began her research to find a means of treatment that would prevent others from having to experience twice the pain, as she did.

Her Supervised Agriculture Experience was designed to work toward the goal of developing a non-invasive cancer treatment through the use of a waste product, which was a flavonoid derived from orange peels, known as naringin. To reach this goal, she worked at the University of South Florida for a period of two years, over which time it was found that naringin in the presence of certain cancers would induce the malignant cells to go through apoptosis or regulated cell death. Naringin is derived mainly from orange peels, which in Florida are a large waste product. If and when this therapy is to go mainstream there would be a new and beneficial means of disposing of the peels, thus creating a niche market for producers. Kendall says, “Based off my passions for science, agriculture and my desire to keep intellectual property protected, I am actively pursing a degree in intellectual property law. The FFA has got me to where I am today and I am very thankful.”

There are over 70,000 students like Kendall in YOUR Agriculture Classrooms throughout Florida. Can you help them continue to find a cure for cancer? Please consider making a gift to support and guide the next generation of our country’s leaders. 

Thanks for all you do for agriculture education and FFA in Florida. We wouldn't be what we are today without each of you doing what you do in the classroom!

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