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Hannah H Cantrell
Feb 23, 2017

IMPORTANT: 2017 OH Demo Host Information

Feb 23, 2017 by Hannah H Cantrell

Special Note:  This mailing is intended for District Ornamental Horticulture Demonstration CDE Hosts.  However, it has been sent to everyone as it contains important CDE information.

District OH Demo Hosts,

Thank you in advance for agreeing to be the host, and for all of the hard work that you will put forth to make our District OH Demo Career Development Events (CDEs) a great success.  I have sent out your contact information (attached to this email is a complete list of hosts and contest information) so that teachers in your District may contact you if they have questions or need additional event information.  As the host, we ask that you communicate directly with the schools in your District announcing details relative to your event.

It the responsibility of the host to collect any pre-registration materials from participating chapters.  Please communicate with the schools in your district directly with instructions for event registration.

Attached to this email you will find the event rules for both middle and high school as well as the scoresheets for the event.  You should make copies of both the rules and scoresheets for all judges (1 score sheet per contestant/team per judge).  In the days leading up to your event you will receive the contest awards*.  

*If you event is scheduled for early March your awards will not arrive in time for your event.  Once you submit your results we will take care of mailing the awards directly to the recipients. 

You should prepare to host the following categories of OH Demos:

  • Production (Middle & High School)
  • Marketing (Middle & High School)
  • Consumer Use (Middle & High School)
  • Artistic Arrangement (Middle & High School)
  • Landscaping (Middle & High School)

Each category is required a minimum of 3 judges. 


One additional step would be to have the judges review the CDE rules prior to the event.   As the District OH Demo CDE host we understand the challenge of securing unbiased judges for each category, and we trust that you will work collaboratively with the other advisors in your district to ensure representation from all areas. However, beginning in 2009, Florida FFA does not allow any current FFA Advisor with teams participating to serve as a judge for any event in which they have students competing.  Note:  It is a wise decision to seek judges from neighboring communities represented at your contest to ensure that not all judges are from your home community.  If in doubt, ask visiting chapters to supply names for additional judges.


Results Submission: Please submit the name(s) and chapter of the first place individual/team from each category using the online submission form.  All results should be submitted no later than Monday, April 17.​​​​​​​

Here are a few helpful hints and reminders for hosting District OH Demo CDE:

  • If you have not done so already, please email the chapters in your District with final event details, including location, start times, etc. 
  • Please note that only the first place participant/team in each category will advance to the state finals in April.
  • Please note that no current FFA member is permitted to serve as judge or time keeper.
  • Please encourage your judges to review the rules of the event prior to judging.  Please encourage judges to be consistent with each participant.  If an exception is made for one participant, please ensure that the same exception is made for all. 
  • Please ensure that judges use the corrected method of scoring/tally winners for each event. - Participants shall be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined by each judge without consultation. The judges’ ranking of each participant shall then be added, and the winner will be that whose total of rankings is the lowest. Other placings shall be determined in the same manner. (low point method of selection)
  • Florida FFA does consider the judge’s decision to be final.  We encourage every effort to be made to ensure fairness and consistency.  For confidentiality purposes, do not allow judges scoresheets to be returned to students or advisors. 
  • Florida FFA policy prevents judges score sheets from being returned to participants.  This is to protect the rights and anonymity of our volunteer judges.  If the judges wish to offer comments to participants, please encourage them to do that at the conclusion of the event.
  • Beginning in 2009, Florida FFA does not allow any current FFA Advisor with a participating team to serve as a judge for any event.  In addition, other students/chapter members are not permitted to serve as judges, timekeepers, etc. 
  • It is the duty of the event host (or other adult designee) to monitor the holding rooms for all categories.  It is imperative that there be no visitors in or out of the holding room while event is in progress.  If competitor must leave the holding room prior to competition, they should be accompanied or monitored by an event official.  Competitors are not permitted in the event presentation room until it is their time to compete and should not have contact with anyone who has been inside the presentation room prior to competing.  
  • Students participating in any contest should not be allowed to use a cell phone or other communication device until the contest is complete.  This rule also applies while waiting in the holding room.
  • State FFA Officers are not allowed to serve in a judging capacity, with the exception of assisting with official dress scoring.

Thank you again for your commitment and dedication to Florida FFA.  If you have any questions please let us know.


Hannah Huggins

Regional Specialist

2017 OH Demo Hosts_Final.pdf
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