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Hannah H Cantrell
Feb 23, 2017

IMPORTANT: 2017 Spring Online Preliminary CDE Exams

Feb 23, 2017 by Hannah H Cantrell

Advisors -

The Spring Online Preliminary exams for the Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Mechanics, Aquaculture and Veterinary Science Career Development Events will take place next Tuesday, February 28.  Later today and again on Monday, your proctor will receive an email containing all of the information they need to administer the exams.  They may have already received an email similar to this, if so the information in both of the emails is the same.  Please confirm with your proctor that they did receive an email.  

If you, your proctor and team members have not already taken the sample exam, please visit to do so as quickly as possible.  Please review the Online CDE Exam FAQs with your proctor and students (see below).

If you or you proctor have any questions, feel to contact the Florida FFA Office. 

Online CDE Exam FAQs

What do I do to get ready for the exams?

You will need to register each team online just like any other CDE.  When you register, you’ll tell us who’s proctoring the exam and about what time you’ll be taking it.  Additionally, you’ll need to communicate with your proctor about their responsibilities and schedule a time and location where you’ll have access to computers.

Who can be a proctor?

School administrators, computer lab coordinators, media specialists, guidance counselors, testing coordinators, teachers not affiliated with the agriculture program, other non-instructional school or school district officials. A proctor cannot be related to someone taking the exam or to a agriculture teacher at the school.

When do I have to identify the proctor?

You will need to identify the proctor when you register your team for the exam.

What do I have to do to get the proctor ready?

When you register your team, you will provide your proctor’s name and email address.  A confirmation email along with the exam code will be immediately sent to the proctor.  All you should do as the teacher is confirm that the proctor has received the code and have scheduled a time and location for the exam.  

Can I take a sample exam?

Yes, it is HIGHLY recommended that each Advisor and student taking an exam try the sample test available now at To take the sample exam visit:

What exactly does the proctor have to do on the day of the exam?

The proctor will need to “activate” the exam on each computer for each student.  They will need their email address along with the exam code sent to them when the team was registered.  After successfully activating each exam, the proctor will need to monitor the students so that there is no talking and no assistance provided from external websites, etc. 

What time is the test?

The exam site will open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.  Your teams can take the exam at anytime during this time frame.

Do all of my students have to take the exam at the same time?

Yes, your entire team will need to take the exam at the same time.

Are students able to go back and forth within the test?

Yes, your students will be able to go back and forth between questions during the exam.  It is highly encouraged that you and your students review the example test that is available on the Florida FFA Exam site.

Will my team members be taking the same test?

Yes, all of your students will see the same questions, but the questions will be randomized for each student taking an exam.

What information will my students need to provide on the day of the exam?

Students will be required to enter their name and chapter.  Please be sure that your team members know which chapter they are from, e.g. Gainesville JUNIOR, SENIOR, or MIDDLE.

What materials may students have when taking the exam?

All general CDE guidelines apply during online exams including that participants will not be allowed to utilize personal electronic devices during the exam. Participants who access personal electronic devices without prior approval of the event officials will be disqualified.  

Can I test multiple teams at the same time?

Yes, if you have Ag Communications, Aquaculture, Ag Mechanics and Vet Science  teams, all of them can test at the same time or at different times throughout the day.  AN ENTIRE TEAM must take their exam at the same time.

What happens when technology fails?

In the case of a technology failure, you should contact Florida FFA immediately.  If your student accidentally closes their browser during the exam they may log back in on the same computer and the exam will start where the student left off.

What if I need to change my proctor?

Please contact Florida FFA immediately so that we can create and provide an exam code to your new proctor.