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Hannah H Cantrell
Jan 19, 2017

Event Registration - 2017 State Fair Practice Poultry CDE

Jan 19, 2017 by Hannah H Cantrell

FFA Advisors,

Registration for CDEs at the 2017 Florida State Fair Practice Poultry CDE is now open.  Registration closes on February 3, 2017 at 5:00 PM.  Please note that each chapter may register both an "A" team and a "B" team for this event however, in order to register a B team you must have a full, 4-man A team registered first.  

To register, visit:

Once the registration system closes no further registrations will be accommodated.  Please keep in mind that online registration is required and will only be made available to those chapters who have submitted the membership information, dues and Quality Chapter Plan.  If your chapter is not listed on the registration system, please check to see that your membership information, dues and Quality Chapter Plan have been submitted.  

Event Changes:  This year as part of the CDE revision process there were a few changes made to the Poultry CDE.  Those changes are summarized below.  For your convenience, the updated rules and scorecards are attached.  

Exterior Eggs - For the 2017 CDE, the following guidelines for the Exterior Quality Egg Class will be used.  Eggs can be assigned one of the following grades:  Grade AA/A, Grade B, or non-gradable (dirty).  Please note that for this contest, the nongradable category should be used for those eggs that are considered dirty.  Information that refers to other egg conditions in the nongradable category will not be used.  Those eggs that were considered DIRTY in past contests will be assigned to the NONGRADABLE category for the 2017 contest.  The class will consist of ten (10) eggs.

Interior Eggs - Eggs in this class can be assigned one of the following grades: Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B, or Loss.  In previous contests, the term inedible was used for eggs that did not receive grades AA, A, or B.  For the 2017 contest, that term (inedible) will be replaced with LOSS.   The class will consist of ten (10) eggs.

Ready-To-Cook Chicken Carcasses - For the Chicken Carcass Grading Class (RTC Class), the grades that may be assigned to a carcass are: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.  THERE WILL NOT BE A NONGRADABLE CATEGORY FOR THIS CLASS therefore the NG column on the scorecard WILL NOT be used.  Wingtips will be removed from carcasses if they contain broken or disjointed bones.  The class will consist of ten (10) carcasses.

For specific event information please read the attached CDE information sheet.

IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that all team members must be current on the membership roster in order to be eligible for participation.  If membership is questioned in any competitive event or award programs held above the chapter level, the advisor must then show evidence that state and national dues were paid prior to the student having participated in that event or award program.  If membership for any team member is determined to be unpaid, the team will be disqualified from the event.

Event Overview - 2017 State Fair Poultry Practice CDE.pdf
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HS Poultry Evaluation CDE.pdf
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MS Poultry Evaluation CDE.pdf
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