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Kevin Kent
Nov 29, 2016

2016 Sub-District LDE/CDE Final Information

Nov 29, 2016 by Kevin Kent

Advisors – attached to this email you will find the final list of registered teams for the 2016 Sub-District LDE/CDEs.  In the event that a mistake has been made and a chapter that has registered does not appear on this list, please contact the Florida FFA Association by email immediately.  Please note that there is a middle school list and a high school list attached separately.

Hosts – Please keep in mind that as the host it is your responsibility to ensure a quality experience for all teams involved.  This includes securing knowledgeable and qualified judges, providing the appropriate space for each event and ensuring that the integrity of each event is upheld.  
IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that all team members must be current on the membership roster in order to be eligible for participation.  If membership is questioned in any competitive event or award programs held above the chapter level, the advisor must then show evidence that state and national dues were paid prior to the student having participated in that event or award program.  If membership for any team member is determined to be unpaid, the team will be disqualified from the event.
Here are a few helpful hints and reminders for hosting Sub-District CDEs:

  • If you have not done so already, please email the chapters in your sub-district with final event details, including location, start times, etc.  I will be happy to forward your message to the ListServ if you would like me to do so.
  • Please present the unopened packets to your judges on the morning of the event.  In the event that there is a shortage of materials, please make duplications at the discretion of your judges.  It would be helpful to have a back-up plan that would allow you access to a copy machine in the event that there is a shortage of materials.
  • Please note that Sub-District officers must be elected at the Sub-District event. Please be sure to include all information of the student on the Sub-District officer report.
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies Rule Clarification:  There typically tends to be some confusion regarding “who” sets up the room and places station markers prior to the presentation.  According to our rules, it states that “the officer team” will be responsible for room set-up.  This could mean the whole team or only part of the team.  Either way, please do not allow judges to deduct points based on who sets up the room, so as long as the student officers are the ones placing the station markers.  Advisors are not allowed to assist in any way during the contest.  As host, please plan to provide a set of National FFA Station Markers. Please be sure that Chapters are aware of the location of the provided station markers prior to the contest.  Note:  Between the Opening & Closing ceremony, one question will be asked of each team member.  At the Sub-District level, the reference will be the Official FFA Manual chapter entitled "Chapter Officers".  Questions will be provided in judges packet.  Please note that the questions are to be asked between the two portions of the event and not At the end.
  • Tractor Operations CDE: please remind your judges that each participant can take a two-minute test drive with the implement attached, but not through the course. In the event that any or all tractor driving participants do not score a minimum 80% or better on the safety portion (first ten questions) of the exam, then they are not allowed to drive and are disqualified from the CDE.
  • Prepared Public Speaking:  Please be reminded that three copies of the Prepared Public Speaking manuscripts are due to the Sub-District host one (1) week prior to the CDE.  In the event that the manuscripts are not received, the CDE host & judges reserve the right to eliminate all points associated with the manuscript.  Note:  It is the responsibility of the participating team to ensure that the manuscript is received by the host.  If in doubt, please contact the host before the deadline to ensure that the manuscripts were received.
  • Please encourage your judges to review the rules of the event prior to judging.  Please encourage judges to be consistent with each participant.  If an exception is made for one participant, please ensure that the same exception is made for all.
  • Florida FFA does consider the judge’s decision to be final.  We encourage every effort to be made to ensure fairness and consistency.
  • Florida FFA policy prevents judges score sheets from being returned to participants.  This is to protect the rights and anonymity of our volunteer judges.
  • Beginning in 2009, Florida FFA does not allow any current FFA Advisor with a participating team in an event to serve as a judge for that same event.  In addition, State FFA Officers are not allowed to serve in a judging capacity, with the exception of assisting with official dress scoring.

Results Submission - All CDE winner reports should be submitted electronically by December 15th using the following link
Please remember to contact your host directly for information pertaining to location, times, event information and to confirm your chapter’s participation.

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