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UHP Honors Project: Information for Faculty


UHP Honors Project: Information for Faculty

Has a UHP student asked for you to supervise an honors project in your course? Excellent - this is a great opportunity for you to work closely with an Honors student. Read on to find out more.

Honors Project Expectations

Honors projects are a vehicle for students to delve deeper into a subject and connect more closely with faculty. The project gives the students tangible results, such as a paper, a presentation, a performance, a work of art, or something else. There is a lot of room to be creative. We also want you to know the expectations for the project and for the supervising professor are not very onerous. As a rough guide, we expect the student's honors project to represent about 5 percent more work than they would regularly do for your course. We also expect that the guidance and support that you provide for the project does not exceed the time that you would spend with a curious student during your office hours. For examples of previous projects, go here.

Voluntary and Beneficial

Supervising an honors project is completely voluntary and you should feel free to decline an invitation by a student. However, while there is no extra pay attached to the work, we think that supervising such a project may have wonderful benefits for both you and the honors student. You might be able to involve the student in your research and you could decide to continue that research beyond the course or end it when the course ends. Honors students can also set a good example for others in the class. You could have them present their project to the class or give the class updates on how the project is going. If you choose to supervise a project, the Honors program will send you a Certificate of Appreciation, which you can include in your dossier.


Your responsibilities: 

It is the student's responsibility to fill out the project form so you don't have to do anything in the beginning except help them think of a project to do, and then approve (or deny) their proposed project (via BaySync). We expect you to give the student guidance and feedback on their project during the term. At the end of the term, we will contact you to ask whether the student fulfilled their project proposal obligations (via BaySync). 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Honors Director Dr. Shirley Yap at