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Welcome! Athena's Sisters is the the first non-profit in Kentucky that is ran by and for military women. We are passionate about the mind, heart and body health of our women in service and work towards the healing of all active duty and veteran women. We encourage you to browse our portal information, events and service opportunities! Thank you for your support of all military women!

Portal Information


Athena's Sisters is the first non-profit in Kentucky that is ran by and for military women.

Our goals are to provide military women a safe space to create friendships, learn about healing resources available to them in the community, and tell their stories through different art forms.

Our members empower themselves through a sisterhood created by mind, body, and heart healing. Our artistic advocacy is building a community of courage.


Veterans and Military Families

Volunteer Requirements

Please list information about the organization's volunteer selection process and include special considerations (age requirement, ability to lift, etc.) if applicable.

Athena's Sisters does not have a set criteria for volunteers, however we ask that all interested in volunteering have an open mind and heart for women healing and are respectful of views that may not be their own.

Please list your organization's Facebook page
Mission Statement

Please upload your organization's mission statement. PDF documents preferred.

What types of service opportunities does your organization offer?

Athena's Sisters provides service opportunities to students who are interested in learning about community organizing, working with military families doing art and advocacy work as well as grassroots community programming and outreach. Such opportunities may take place at Athena's Sisters events or in partnership with community services.