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THEM is an ASU club that gathers fans of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming together to socialize, organize events, and have fun. Most of THEM's meetings are spent introducing new people, announcing and coordinating activities, and taking care of club-related business. To make up for the boring parts, THEM has a tradition of going to dinner as a group after each meeting to satiate hunger and relax among friends. That's where the real fun of being in THEM begins, so be sure to come check us out on Thursday evenings and stick around after the meetings are done.

Check out our Facebook Group: T.H.E.M. (It's closed, so if you have trouble finding us, contact an officer!)

Follow us on Twitter: @THEMonline

Official T.H.E.M. meetings are held every Thursday in the Memorial Union. The room changes periodically, so please check Orgsync messages, our website or email an officer! We meet at 6 p.m. for approximately one hour and then we all head out for dinner and socialization.

Can't make meetings? There are various other events you can attend throughout the year! T.H.E.M. Anime Night and T.H.E.M. Movie Night are monthly gatherings, at given locations, to watch either an anime or a movie. There are also once-a-semester type events like Geeky Cooking Night, Classic Gaming Night, Cosplay Laser Tag and our ever popular, Steampunk Tea Party.

  • T.H.E.M. Movie Night is every month on the third Friday of the month starting at 7pm. There will be no regular meeting on the third Thursday of the month unless explicitly stated.
  • T.H.E.M. Anime Night is typically the fourth Friday of the month starting at 6pm.
  • For all other events, you'll want to stay up to date through Orgsync, our Facebook page and our website. Times and dates will be listed there once determined.

Current schedule: Meeting every Thursday at 6 PM in room MU 302. Exceptions are movie night, as stated above, which will be different in January as it will be the fourth Friday, January 25th. Sign up for emails detailing when future meetings are!

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THEM is an ASU club that gathers fans of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming together to socialize, organize events, and have fun. Recruitment is open throughout the year.


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