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Welcome to Harambee LEO Page! 

We specialize in transforming the lives of nearby high school students through mentorship and providing positive role models. Partnering with nearby educational cents: Central High, Westchester High, and Venice Arts. 

Whether your a student with interest in math & science or have more artistic passions, there's a place for you here.

To see our opportunities, and sign up if interested, click here: Harambee Sign Up Sheet 

Thank You! 

Portal Information


Harambee Mentorship is a program dedicated to the empowerment, enrichment, and enlightenment of high-school students in the nearby community in their pursuit of higher education. By focusing on student to student relationships, this program is designed to connect Loyola Marymount University (LMU) students with high school students from Westchester High School to provide direct mentorship on the college experience. This program will guide and educate students on the college application process, acclimating to college life, metacognitive study skills, societal awareness, and social justice. Through non-traditional educational engagements and experiential learning, this program will not only encourage students but will facilitate their development into empowered student leaders.