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Welcome to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) at ASU!

Our committee is working hard to get the very best events and activities for you. If you haven't yet, please like our social media pages. We post most of our updates on Facebook ( and Instagram (@asuaiga).

Our meetings are held every Friday at CDN 355 (Junior's Studio) at 4:45pm. These meetings are for planning events for the academic year. It is at those events that members will socialize, discuss design, and share ideas.

Students enrolled in the VCD program are already members. Those outside of the VCD program, who are enrolled in at least one credit hour, are welcome to participate and join in our shared interest of design.

Happy designing! 

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The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) at ASU is to serve as a bridge between graphic design students, faculty, and the professional community. The AIGA is meant to provide opportunities for students to have an impact on the program through planned, open-forum meetings, as well as the program to have an impact on the students through networking and experience opportunities.



Please indicate the PRIMARY LOCATION that your student organization plans to be an active participate on for the 2018 -19 academic year.


Primary population(s) served:
  • Undergraduate
1st OFFICER - Full Name

Emily Romero

1st OFFICER - Title

Usually President, sometimes Director/Chair, etc.


1st OFFICER Email
2nd OFFICER - Full Name

Laurie MacQueen

2nd OFFICER - Title

Usually Vice President, sometimes Secretary/Treasurer, etc.

Vice President

2nd OFFICER Email
3rd OFFICER - Full Name

Juana Olmedo

3rd OFFICER - Title

Usually Secretary, sometimes Recruitment chair, etc.


3rd OFFICER Email

Lisa Pena


Please use official "job title" with university



All ASU registered student organizations must have a full- or part-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member serving as an advisor. By entering your advisor's email, they will automatically be sent an electronic Advisor Commitment Form which they must complete for your registration.

An Advisor Commitment Letter electronically signed by the Advisor is a required part of finalizing the registration of your student organization. Make sure to follow up with them to complete.