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CSLA Facilitator Presentation Form

Thank you for facilitating at CSLA this year! We are so excited to have you, and we know that the CSLA scholars will get so much out of your session.  In the following form you will find questions to help us set up your space appropriately.

With preparation for your presentation, the following learning outcomes and competencies for CSLA are:

CSLA Scholars will develop self-understanding and confidence in leadership abilities.

  • Advocating Point of View | Confidence | Scope of Competence

CSLA Scholars will gain an appreciation for diversity and different leadership perspectives.

  • Diversity | Other Perspectives | Personal Value

CSLA Scholars will develop a leadership vision.

  • Personal Values | Responsibility of Personal Behavior | Scope of Confidence | Vision

CSLA Scholars will develop a professional plan to enact their leadership vision and advance their leadership skills.

  • Vision | Scope of Confidence | Synthesis

CSLA Scholars will create a lasting positive social change by leading through service.

  • Service | Social Responsibility | Vision | Personal Values

We request that you submit this form by September 2, 2016. 

If you have any special requests that do not fit on this form, feel free to reach out to Lauren Howard 

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