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El Fin del ETA: An Insider's Analysis of a Peace Negotiation

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Thursday, Dec 6, 2018
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM EST
University Hall 1060Map Location

ETA, which stands for "Euskadi Ta Askatasuna" or "Basque homeland and freedom," was founded in 1959 in response to the repressive falangist regime of Franco. Its aim was to gain independence from Spain and establish a state in the north of Spain and southwest France. Responsible for hundreds of deaths and terrorist attacks, the group agreed to its disarmament in April of 2017 and announced its full dissolution in May of 2018.

A Lecture By Peace Mediator Prof. Alberto Spektorowski, Ph.D. Department of Political Science, Tel-Aviv University
Visiting Professor of Political Science, Columbia University

Sponsored by Department of Educational Foundations, History Department, and Departments of Political Science and Law