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Congratulations to the New Executive Board!

Congratulations to the MBA Association Executive Board for the 2017-2018 year.

President: Ashvika Sathianathan

Ashvika is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Petroleum Engineering. She is finishing her second year of the MBA program. She works as a Graduate Assistant for the Student Technology Enhancement Program. She has enjoyed serving as President for the last semester, and hopes to keep the momentum of the past few months...


Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party+Christmas Crawl

Saturday, Dec 10, 6 pm


Relax after finals with a cold beverage and crazy friends.

Potluck dinner- bring something with carbs! ;)

Trolley will provide transport to all bars at 8 PM.

Will you be attending?

Graduate Student Organization Funding

The Graduate Student Organization provides funding for Graduate Students for research, travel, or thesis/dissertation supplies. If you would like to apply for funding, you will need to fill out an application. Applications can be picked up at the Graduate Student Office, or you can contact the MBA Program GSO Representative, Ellie Spain. 

For more information, visit the Graduate Student Organization Website.


Back to School Social

Friday, Sep 9, 6 pm

Come enjoy the fun and specials at the Back to School Social. 

Two for one imports, domestic, house, and calls for MBA Association members.

Guests welcome.


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General Information Session

Thursday, Sep 1, 6 pm
Moody 123

Please join us to learn about what the MBA Association is about, how connecting with your fellow classmates and alumni can support you, and about the exciting things we have planned for the year!

Will you be attending?

MBA 504: Survey of Statistics & Operations/Services Management

MBA 504 - Survey of Statistics & Operations/Services Management

MBA 503: Survey of Marketing & the Legal Environment of Business

MBA 503 - Survey of Marketing & the Legal Environment of Business

MBA 502: Survey of Management & Management Information Systems

MBA 502 - Survey of Management & Management Information Systems

MBA 501: Survey of Economics & Survey of Finance

MBA 501 - Survey of Economics & Survey of Finance

MBA 500: Survey of Accounting

MBA 500 - Survey of Accounting

MKTG 555: Consumer Behavior

555. Consumer Behavior. Introduces the concepts developed in economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology and their relationship to consumer behavior. Emphasis is placed on relating behavioral concepts to the marketing mix development.

MKTG 550: Marketing Research

550. Marketing Research. An introduction to marketing research techniques. Provides knowledge of and experience in formulating marketing research methodology, data collection procedures, data sources, and the interpretation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative material.

MKTG 535: Contemporary Marketing Issues

535. Contemporary Marketing Issues. A comprehensive survey of current issues and topics of importance to both firms and society. Individual investigation and reporting emphasized in seminar fashion.

MKTG 525: Product Management

525. Product Management. An investigation of the essential components of product management, with emphasis upon the innovation process, methods of new product analysis, strategy formulation, implementation, organization, and control.

MKTG 524: Marketing Management

524. Marketing Management. Provides guidelines for developing marketing plans and programs while emphasizing the application of marketing concepts, tools, and decision making processes.

MGMT 597: Directed Individual Study

597. Directed Individual Study. Detailed independent graduate level study and research, under faculty direction. A prospectus and the product(s) of the study will become part of the student's file. Consent of instructor and director of program is required.

MGMT 595: Internship in Business Administration

595. Internship in Business Administration. Supervised work experience. Elective in the MBA program not applicable toward degree requirements. May be repeated with 1 to 3 hours credit each semester up to 6 credit hours.

MGMT 590: Policy Formulation, Strategy, and Administration

590. Policy Formulation, Strategy, and Administration. A capstone course. Emphasis is on integrated application of MBA core courses concepts. Problem analysis and decision making at an integrative level are stressed.

MGMT 585: Management Practicum

585. Management Practicum. Strategic consultation activities and service-learning opportunities with community businesses and agencies using student teams.

MGMT 565: Personnel Administration

565. Personnel Administration. An in-depth analysis of the function of the personnel department in the organization and administration of the human resources, including employee selection, training, development, and planning for intermediate and long term personnel needs.

MGMT 550: Quality Management

550. Quality Management. Application of Total Quality Management concepts to all processes in organizations, with emphasis on continuous quality improvement in the delivery of goods and services.

MGMT 540: Corporate Entrepreneurship

540. Corporate Entrepreneurship. Strategic competencies to develop technology driven entrepreneurship in organizations.

MGMT 533: Organizational Strategies in E-Commerce

533. Organizational Strategies in E-Commerce. Strategic planning and leadership necessary to effectively implement e-commerce throughout the organization.

MGMT 525: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

525. Organizational Behavior and Leadership. Theory and practices including individual behavior, motivation, group dynamics, organizational structure, quality management, and leadership skills.

MGMT 503: Management of Organizations and Behavioral Processes

503. Management of Organizations and Behavioral Processes. Management functions, with emphasis on both organizational and behavioral processes.

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