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Welcome to the Computer Science & Engineering Club page!

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The Computer Science and Engineering Club at CSUB is open to all CSUB students who want to pursue a degree in any area related to these fields. As a member of this club, you will gain knowledge and experience what kind of work you may come across with within the next few years at CSUB. We will have meetings, workshops, and fun fundraisers throughout the year to make the year go by fast! We also have exciting trips every year where you have the opportunity to meet and network with professional Scientists and Engineers.
The Computer Science and Engineering Club at CSUB is like a family. You have all the support you need and together, we accomplish our goals.


Academic - Nat. Science, Math & Engineering

What is the purpose of your club?

Please list your mission statement, and goals for the upcoming year.

The purpose of this club is to provide academic and social support to students interested in any area related to these fields. With technology advancing as the second goes by, job opportunities increase! As a member of this club, you will gain basic concepts on hardware/software, you will gain knowledge, experience, communication skills and leadership skills. We will have coding competitions, hackathons and much more throughout the year! This is a great opportunity to add to your resume!
We have many goals in mind for the upcoming year. We want to have meetings at least once a week, fundraising events at least once a quarter, and we want to have at least one weekend trip to the Computer Science History Museum and the Livermore National Laboratory!

List events & activities that are unique to your club.

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Coding competitions
Trips to tour facilities such as:
Computer Science History Museum
Livermore National Laboratory
Research Opportunities

Meeting Time

3:30 PM

Meeting Location

SCI 3 313 - We'll send out emails when we have meetings

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