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The Rainbow Coalition at ASU is home to the many organizations that support and represent individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, Two Spirit, asexual, and/or ally within the ASU community. As a student organization, we provide programming, events, and advocacy for all students and LGBTQIA+ member organizations. We function as a resource for LGBTQIA+ members of the ASU community across campuses and around the Valley.

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The Rainbow Coalition at ASU is home to the many organizations that support and represent individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, and/or ally that impact the ASU community.

As a coalition and representative student body, we organize the available resources for LGBTQIA members of the ASU community across all of our campuses. Our purposes include improving campus climate for LGBTQIA folks, organizing resources, services, and support for the LGBTQIA community at ASU, connecting to one another in a positive social setting, advocating for LGBTQIA interests at ASU, the surrounding community, and Valley-wide, taking action to demonstrate those interests, and engaging our community in the spirit of civic service.



Please indicate the PRIMARY LOCATION that your student organization plans to be an active participate on for the 2018 -19 academic year.


Primary population(s) served:
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
1st OFFICER - Full Name

Anne Mickey

1st OFFICER - Title

Usually President, sometimes Director/Chair, etc.

Facilitator of Advocacy/President

1st OFFICER Email
2nd OFFICER - Full Name

Gabbz Keranen

2nd OFFICER - Title

Usually Vice President, sometimes Secretary/Treasurer, etc.

Facilitator of Programming/Vice President

2nd OFFICER Email
3rd OFFICER - Full Name

Sisko Stargazer

3rd OFFICER - Title

Usually Secretary, sometimes Recruitment chair, etc.

Facilitator of Media Relations

3rd OFFICER Email

Nakita Saxon


Please use official "job title" with university

Assistant Director


All ASU registered student organizations must have a full- or part-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member serving as an advisor. By entering your advisor's email, they will automatically be sent an electronic Advisor Commitment Form which they must complete for your registration.

An Advisor Commitment Letter electronically signed by the Advisor is a required part of finalizing the registration of your student organization. Make sure to follow up with them to complete.


(Optional) A secondary advisor is not required but may be a faculty/staff, community member, alumni.

Natasha Harris