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Hey everyone!

I hope you're hanging in there this semester. A couple disclaimers for this page,

1. This is a public forum and everyone can see what you post so be respectful and polite

2. All who view this page may or may not be a veteran so remember to be respectful

As you've noticed I'm harping on respect a lot already. Respect as you know is pivotal in making any type of relationship work. Without mutual respect no relationship can withstand the pressure of time. Ultimately we have all heard that "Respect is earned, not Given" but as I am sure many of you have realized by now, someone has to 'Give' it first sometimes. This is not a completely alien concept because as this school year began you already treated your teachers with respect, not knowing them at all. So extend the same courtesy to those around you.

Now with all of that said, there might be non-military personnel on here, and to those I say, "Hello, and thank you for your support of our club and what we stand for".

This is our newest way of reaching an already technologically savvy culture here in the Silicon Valley. It's basically the Facebook of West Valley. I'm sure many of you are already thinking, "Well why don't they just use Facebook?" That's a great question. The reason behind it is that we would like to target our students and faculty specifically without posting everything out on the web for anyone and everyone to see. This gives us great control over the viewing populace. With that said, this will be your one stop shop for new and updated information, no more newsletter or emails. Our goal as a club is to be easy to access to all Veterans at all times, regardless of whether or not you come into the Veterans Resource Center or not.

Also side note, do yourself a favor Veterans and request to be apart of the Veterans Resource Center page as well. Yes, while we may have overlapping information and updates, sometimes we will not and it would be in your best interest to make sure you have all the information possible in order to plan ahead and be successful while here at West Valley. That being said, the VRC will be keeping updates as to new services and events being hosted as well. Again, the more resources you can plug into the better and smoother your semester will be.

Thank you all for your service to our country and please, please, please if you need ANY help whatsoever DO NOT allow your pride to prevent you from seeking help. We as the Veterans Club and the Veterans Resource Center are here to help you in ANY way possible. Thank you and God Bless.

Nicholas Galvan

VP Veterans Club

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The purpose of the Veteran's Club is to arm Veterans with a foundation for their academic success to achieve their educational goals of transfer and/or graduation.

But it's not all a work for us here at the VC, we have many events throughout the semester that are great for relieving stress and promoting healthy relationships with other students at West Valley, such as Paintball events, BBQ, Movies, and Sporting events.
The Veteran's Club is dedicated to making the life of the Veteran as comfortable as possible while at West Valley College.


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  • Wednesday
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2:00 PM

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Veteran's Resource Center

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Carlos Mejia

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James Winkler

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