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Welcome to the Alaska Floorball Monkeys! We're a diverse co-ed group of students, faculty, staff, and fairbanks community members who like to have fun and stay fit by playing floorball. We play every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7pm in the SRC. We have sticks and all goalie gear you can use. Come join us in this new fast paced sport!

Note: We only play during the school semesters, taking a break during the December recess and the summer months.

Main communications are through our Google Group. You can apply to join the email list over there:!forum/alaska-floorball-monkeys

Portal Information


Our club is a leisurely, non-professional group of players who simply like to play floorball. Floorball a fast-paced, indoor sport, with five field players and one goalie on each team. Each field player has a plastic stick approximately 3 feet long. The game is played with a small plastic ball, much like a whiffle ball. The aim of the game is to shoot the ball into the other team's goal. Anyone is welcome to join us and play. There are no fees or obligations. Extra sticks are available for players to borrow. Floorball is running intensive sport. If you don't feel like running, you are welcome to play goalie. We have all the protective equipment required for goalies!

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Free to join and participate! We're open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members, as long as you can safely play the game, come on down!

Meeting Day
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
Meeting Location

Student Recreation Complex (SRC) on UAF campus, middle court

Meeting Time

5:00 PM

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Jason Clark

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Tom Kurkowski

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Operations Lead - IARC - SNAP

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