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The Cornell Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi was founded in 1869 when seven alumni of other chapters, foreseeing the development of the university, decided that it would he an excellent opportunity for a successful chapter of the fraternity. 

Arrangements were made for the chapter the charter members were chosen, and the first initiation took place in March 1869, at the Rochester Chapter. 

At this time rooms were secured on Tioga Street, lthaca, N.Y., where meetings were held until the following year when new rooms were taken on the Wilgus block. On midnight, May 4, 1875, sufficient funds having been subscribed by interested alumni, ground was broken on Buffalo Street for the construction of the new house. The house was the first built on the Cornell Campus to house all its members. 

During these years the Chapter grew rapidly and became one of the leading organizations on the hill. The house on Buffalo Street was occupied until 1903 when a new house was built overlooking Stewart Avenue to accommodate the expanded chapter. This house was, until its destruction by fire on February 11, 1929, one of the most beautiful houses on the campus. 

Immediately following the fire a special meeting was held at which the offer of the senior officers and directors of the Chi Phi house was,accepted by the Chapter to take up temporary quarters at the Chi Phi house. The remainder of the term was spent there and next two years on Summit Avenue. 

In the Spring of 1931, through the great interest of alumni, the construction of a new and slightly larger house was completed in the Fall of this year, and is one of the most notable on the campus. 

Throughout its existence at Cornell the Alpha Delta Phi Chapter has been outstanding in college activities and organizations and has turned out many prominent leaders in the affairs of the nation.

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