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My-Lan D Huynh
Jul 6, 2017

CSUEB Club/Org Recognition & Renewal Process | 2017-2018

Jul 6, 2017 by My-Lan D Huynh

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Club/Org Recognition & Renewal Process!

Student Life & Leadership Programs is excited to kick-off another year of outstanding student clubs and organizations with the BaySync Recognition & Renewal process! Did you notice the yellow info box "Your attention is needed!" on your BaySync Profile? If so, you are ready to begin your renewal process for the upcoming year. Recognized clubs/org can reserve University facilities, apply for ASI funding, recruit members, participate in campus events, and more!

To be fully recognized, please note that there are four required components:

  1. BaySync Profile: Fully update your club/org BaySync profile. See image below to begin process. If you have recently updated your profile (May 2017-current), and no information has changed, please go ahead and click submit again. This will allow your recognition to be reviewed for the 2017-2018 year.
  2. Rec & Renewal Forms (Minimum of 5): Once you submit your profile, each of your Officers will automatically be sent an online training form. A minimum of five individual submissions, by each Officer, must fully be completed to be reviewed for recognition. Remember to double check for accuracy of your email addresses before you submit your profile update. Recommendation is to allocate at least one hour to complete this form.
  3. On-Campus Advisor: Your on-campus advisor, a staff or faculty, must also complete their form to accept the responsibility of guiding your organization for this upcoming academic year. Form will automatically be sent to listed email address.
  4. Leadership Conference 2017 | October 27-28 (2 Day Program) - Required attendance for all Officers. Highly encouraged for ALL of your members to attend.

 *If you are an Officer, and do not see the yellow Info box, please contact your Student Life Advisor.

Contact your Student Life Advisor based on your Club/Org Themes | Click Here.

  • Academic/Honors:
  • Special Interest, Club Sports/Recreation, or Religious:
  • Greek or Cultural: