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Campus Connectors Student Questionnaire

Welcome Campus Connector students! This survey is designed to best help us meet your needs as a resident in our Residence Halls. Our programming philosophy is based on a concept that encompasses all aspects of life with the ultimate goal of developing a balanced lifestyle. 

Our goal for Campus Connectors is to CONNECT incoming students to campus by introducing them to resources as well as staff/faculty on campus who can help guide them in the right direction to become ENGAGED on campus. By doing this we hope to TRANSFORM our students to being successful academically as well as personally. 

This is a one-time meeting within the first 2 weeks of school to help you connect with a staff/faculty on-campus as well as connect to engagement opportunities. 

To help us match you with a staff/faculty, please check those programs or activities in which you would be interested in participating or learning more about. 

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