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Welcome to the Johnston page!  We have diligently listed a variety of events we've consented on, our community processes & meeting notes, and our current budget.  We are working on developing this new part of our community so that it is as easy and accessible for our community members as possible.  The goal for this page is to act as a community hub so that missing community meeting, being abroad, or even just reviewing what we already agreed to is easily done. 

If you're confused about something here or want there to be changes, please contact  

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The Johnston educational process recognizes students have a great variety of interests and seeks to give each person extensive ownership of their education. To achieve this, Johnston brings together a community of bright, creative, independent and active students with a genuine interest in academic pursuits—a place where diversity is cherished and ideas are debated. Today some 200 talented and passionate Redlands students live and learn together in the Johnston complex, which includes two residence halls, faculty offices, a coffee house, classrooms and community spaces.


Residence Life & Housing