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Julie Janik
Sep 20, 2015

All things WRITING....

Sep 20, 2015 by Julie Janik

UD students consistently express an interest in writing - in carving out a living as writers .  This week, we present...ALL THINGS WRITING.

Monday -7:30pm - Lynch Auditorium - The Stark Writers Series featuring a poetry reading by Kimberly Johnson (her books will be available). Bonus - this makes for a great Monday evening DATE NIGHT.

Tuesday - 4:00pm- Gorman Faculty Lounge - four professional writers share their experiences in a panel event entitled Building a Profession in the Literary World. 

Wednesday - 8:00am- Haggar Cafe- informal breakfast with Kimberly Johnson.  ASK HER ANYTHING!


All events are free!  We'll even pick up the tab for breakfast.  

JUST BE THERE!  This is information you can't afford to miss.