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Our Values Pledge

We all have an opportunity to help UNTHSC be the Team of Choice for Education, Discovery and Health care.  It starts with a commitment to live Our Values every day.  This commitment will require you to hold yourself accountable, hold others accountable and allow others to hold you accountable to Our Values.  By taking Our Values Pledge, you are affirming your commitment to our values-based culture.  After taking the pledge, you will receive a Compass Lapel Pin.  This pin will serve as a visual reminder of our commitment to living Our Values.  

Complete this form to take Our Values Pledge.  After completing the pledge, please stop by the Office of Student Development (Student Services Center, Room 204) to pick up your compass pin.

Encourage growth, well-being and success of each other and people we serve

  • Empower one another to make values-based decisions
  • Consider the impact of your decisions
  • Be good stewards of people and resources
  • Demonstrate compassion, care and humility
  • Promote individual potential

Uphold the highest ethical standards

  • Do what is right, not just what is easy - even if no one is looking
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty, trustworthiness and dependability
  • Be transparent in actions
  • Own, correct and learn from successes and failures
  • Demonstrate loyalty to our mission and vision

Treat everyone with dignity and compassion

  • Gratefully acknowledge contributions and efforts of others
  • Invite other perspectives and encourage dialogue
  • Communicate openly in a timely, courteous and relevant manner
  • Promote diversity of thought, ideas and people
  • Build trust by honoring our word through actions

Work together to achieve shared goals

  • Combine our strengths to discover new ideas and share best practices
  • Seek opportunities to engage others and break through barriers
  • Inspire one another to be more, collectively, than the sum of our individual parts
  • Give, ask for and value feedback
  • Recognize the contributions of others and celebrate successes

Create innovative solutions in the pursuit of excellence

  • Respectfully challenge the way things have always been done
  • Create unique ways to provide remarkable service
  • Navigate change to move us forward
  • Proactively implement new ideas
  • Take thoughtful risks

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