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Tara Powers
Dec 18, 2010

ASI President - DREAM Act Statement

Dec 18, 2010 by Tara Powers

Today the United States Senate failed to pass the American DREAM Act. The failure to pass such a simple common-sense bill to allow undocumented students from becoming part of this great nation is a major disappointment for many, not just for undocumented students and those who wish to serve in the military. Some individual Senators are no longer thinking of the merits of legislation such as the DREAM Act, but instead focused on reelection. I hope the many supporters of the DREAM Act will remember this day and remember the vote cast by each senator. Although we hit a huge road block, we must not stop advocating for the DREAM Act or immigration reform. To all the DREAM students, I ask that you work harder. Please do not despair and do become more involved to show we can and we want to be part of this great country.

Pedro A. Ramirez
President & CEO
Associated Students, Inc.
California State University, Fresno