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ASI Sponsored Activity Grant Application

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) of California State University, Fresno provides complimentary funding for recognized student organizations.  All organizations are encouraged to apply for funds to sponsor events/programs. It is required that these events meet the following criterion: that they are held on campus, that they are free, and open to all students of California State University, Fresno.  

Important points to remember:

  • Applications must be submitted at least 21 days, three (3) weeks, prior to an event/program for a request of funds of $1,000 or less.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 35 days, five (5) weeks, prior to an event/program for a request of over $1,000.
  • Funds will be allocated on a per event/program basis. Not all events/programs, or all components of an event/program, may receive funding. All applications must be typed using this form template.
  • The maximum allocation to any student organization in any one fiscal year is $3,000.
  •  All promotional materials must give sponsorship credit to ASI using the approved logo of ASI.
  • Only events/programs that are held on campus, and that are free and open to all Fresno State students will be considered for funding. This includes, but is not limited too: printing, email, electronic promotion, etc.
  •  All student organizations applying for funds must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Involvement by the date of submission of the request. Applications will not be accepted for non-recognized clubs/organizations.
  • Funding allocations can only be expensed after all requirements have been met, and the official approval from the office of the Vice President of Finance for the event/program has been received by the club/organization.
  • Expense authorizations must be submitted to the ASI office within the first 45 days following the event/program, or June 15th, which ever is sooner.

Food, clothing, personal gifts, insurance, travel, and basic operational costs will not be funded under any circumstances. For more detailed information, please contact the ASI Business Office at 559.278.2656.



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