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TCU LEAPS is a campus wide day of service sending students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve together in our community. Participants spend a Saturday each semester volunteering with local agencies, then return to campus for reflection. Our hope is that LEAPS is just a beginning, encouraging us all to learn about and get connected to our community. LEAPS is envisioned to be an opportunity to introduce members of the TCU community to the surrounding Fort Worth community and aims to establish ongoing relationships between members of the TCU community and local service organizations. 

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LEAPS is a campus-wide service event that takes place once each semester at TCU. Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and alumni meet on campus, then volunteer together at over 15 sites around Fort Worth. LEAPS is envisioned to introduce the members of the TCU community to the surrounding Fort Worth community and aims to establish ongoing relationships with local service organizations.

Our mission: a TCU tradition of service, impacting the community and uniting our community.



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LEAPS is a campus wide day of service where the TCU community has the opportunity to get connected with the greater Ft. Worth area through acts of service as well as forming relationships with the citizens of our community.

President Name

President/Charter member of an organization must have completed a minimum of one (1) semester (Fall or Spring) at TCU and be in good standing with the University. Good standing is defined in the Student Organizations Handbook under Membership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Kaitlin Stutts, Jessica Puyo

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Advisor must be a full-time TCU faculty, staff or chaplain. Advisor will be contacted to confirm commitment.

Laura Vasquez

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Executive Board must attend weekly meetings. Community Liaisons must attend scheduled meetings and events. Participants sign up for LEAPS and attend the day to complete service.

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