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Welcome To The Kappa Sigma Fraternity 

Tau-Iota Chapter

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Kappa Sigma is the largest college social fraternity in the world with more than 200,000 living members, including over 20,000 undergraduates and 320 chapters and colonies located throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia. This fraternity prides itself on these 4 virtues {Fellowship - Leadership - Scholarship - Service}.


Fraternity / Sorority

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Male in good academic and financial standing with the college, that is currently enrolled as a full or part time student.

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President's Full Name

Christian Weiler

Vice President's Full Name

Robert Radano

Treasurer’s Full Name

William Mingione

Secretary's Full Name

Brian Reno

Primary Advisor's Full Name

Lukas H Miedreich

Primary Advisor's Department

Student Activities


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