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Why Volunteer?
Volunteerism offers tremendous rewards both to the volunteer and to those you help. By volunteering you are helping to improve yourself and making a difference in the world. The office of Leadership & Volunteerism has more than 100 agencies, located throughout the state, needing volunteers.

The Sooner Standard Award
This award recognizes OU students who go above and beyond in the area of volunteerism. This award is in connection with the Oklahoma Standard, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum campaign, committed to promoting these three acts – service, honor and kindness. To begin tracking your hours, visit our website here.

Our History:
Former President and Mrs. Boren started the Volunteer Office in 1996. The mission of the Volunteer Office is to promote "service to state and society," which is part of the mission statement of the University of Oklahoma. During the summer of 2007 the Volunteer office merged with the Center for Leadership Development. Now the office is one: Leadership & Volunteerism.

Portal Information


The mission of Leadership and Volunteerism is to empower students to become effective leaders and active community members through participation in varied experiences, programs and services.

Leadership and Volunteerism (L&V) provides educational programming and opportunities for students to “make a difference.” Through numerous programs and activities, L&V helps students further develop their leadership skills, assists with personal growth through student learning and connects students to volunteer opportunities in the local community and beyond.


Leadership & Volunteerism Umbrella