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Welcome to the Horizons Certificate in Honor, Leadership, and Service

The Horizons Co-curricular Program takes students on a journey of learning and experience much like an explorer seeking new adventures.  To make this journey you will create a foundation that prepares them to succeed, travel beyond your own horizon to make new discoveries, and then explore the territory you encounter.  The program provides students the opportunity to develop further as individuals, leaders, and scholars by investing in leadership, community engagement and ethical practices.

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The Horizons Program consists of three required components, the Educational component, Experiential component and the Reflection component.

Educational component: provides the foundational knowledge of theories and principles of engagement, ethics and leadership, providing students with material to build on as they engage with the campus community.
Experiential component: requires students to apply their knowledge to meaningful projects and activities in the UMW campus community.
Reflection component: offers the student a chance to develop a deeper understanding of what they’ve learned through either a written document or a spoken reflection.
Mentoring component (optional): students may choose to participate in a mentoring relationship with community members or fellow students, and/or serve as a mentor to other students.

The program is structured in three levels. Within each level, students are encouraged to focus on different areas while building on the skills obtained in each level.

Foundations: focuses primarily on individual interaction with the campus and community.
Discovery: focuses on how the individual makes an effective contribution to groups, organizations and projects.
Exploration: combines aspects of personal growth and awareness, using skills learned in previous levels to empower students to make significant contributions to the University, the community, and the world.

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University Center Suite 320

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Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

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Golda Eldridge

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Marissa DiMeo

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