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Hola, Olá, Welcome to LASA!

The Latin American Student Association (LASA) is a club open to all the Fuqua Community interested in learning, sharing and discovering more about the Latin American culture.

Founded in 2001, LASA is one of the most diverse and active clubs, with over 100 active members, from almost 20 countries.

It is comprised mainly by Latin Americans but it also by students from the rest of the world who are either fascinated with the Latin Culture, or are just business pragmatic, and want to understand a market of more than 500 million people.

Portal Information


We are the Duke MBA Latin American Student Association. Our mission is to offer the best support to prospective and current students interested in Latin America and to companies, schools and institutions during their process of interacting with these students at Fuqua.

We vision to be be recognized as an impactful, collaborative and professional diversity club at Fuqua and among other MBA schools.


Diversity Club

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  • Daytime MBAs
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  • Partners
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LASA is ready to "drive passion into action". We seek to further enhance the career opportunities available for LASA members students and improve their academic experience in tangible ways.

Want to know more? Check out a little bit of each cabinet responsibilities.

/ Admissions /
Increase interest for the Duke MBA in LATAM and be a resource for prospective students.
1. Improve Fuqua branding in LATAM, and thus, increase the number of applications .
2. Increase acceptance rates of Latin Americans admitted students .
3. Support Fuqua Admissions during the recruiting process.
4. Help incoming students have a smooth transition into the US and Durham.

/ Career /
Aid and support club members in their recruiting process and increase campus presence of companies that hire international students.
1. Roadmap Sessions.
2. Alumni Network.
3. On going company relationship building.

/ Executive /
Manage treasury function and maintain log of all disbursements and transactions.
1. Reconcile disbursements with university reporting .
2. Coordinate cash deployment with other functions within LASA.
3. Contribute in development of annual budget .

/ External Relations & Special Events /
Organize speaker events and build relationship with companies.
1. Increase networking and recruiting opportunities for the LASA community by building closer relationships with companies .
2. Bring speakers that will engage with students and the broader community.
3. Expose the Fuqua Community to what’s going on in Latin America .

/ Marketing /
Support all club activities and strengthen the relationship with members, non-members, companies and prospective students.
1. Be a guardian of our LASA brand , including branding and visual identity.
2. Insource marketing and insights by understanding our community behaviors, needs and values .
3. Content design and generation in all communication channels: website, newsletter, social networks and print.
4. Surveys, market analysis and results measurement.

/ Social /
Increase LASA awareness among Fuqua community .
1. Organize events to connect people.
2. Boost relationships between LASA and other cultures.
3. Help the community understand the Latin culture, idiosyncrasy, characteristics, behavior and way of living .

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Partners: Andrea Borgoño