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Welcome to the Student Government Association website, the preeminent university-wide student advocacy and policy setting organization. We represent undergraduate students on all of Emory's campuses.

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The preeminent student advocacy and policy setting organization, representing undergraduate students on all of Emory's campuses.


Student Governance

Organization Type

SGA Student Organizations include those organizations chartered by a Divisional Council , executive agency, BBA Council, College Council, ESNA, , SBA, Club Sports, Media Council, RHA, and SPC.

University Offices and Departments are units like the Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions or Center for Women@Emory in Campus Life.

University Office- or Department-Affiliated Organizations are organizations sponsored or funded directly by a university or academic department, like Emory Scholars.

Student Organization Seeking SGA Recognition or Renewing Registration

Mission Statement

We aim to put the 'Student' back in Student Government. Our goal is to advocate for students first and foremost, support new ideas, improve current practices and infrastructure, and facilitate change on campus.

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

All Representatives are elected in the Spring semester to the Legislature of SGA. First year Representatives and a few other Representatives are the only exception to this rule and they are elected early Fall.

All Executive Board positions are filled at the discretion of the SGA President. Executive Action Committees and Task Forces are created based on organizational needs, and the application release will be communicated to the university.

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  • Monday
Meeting Time

7:00 PM

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Division or University-Wide Organization