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Welcome to the LGBTQ Resource Center OrgSync Portal!

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We're the MU LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender, Queer) Resource Center! It's our goal to educate about, support, and advocate for sexual and gender minorities at MU. We do this through advising student organizations, hosting the InsideOUT Radio Show, sharing resources through our center and library, and holding programs throughout the year such as Coming Out Week, Transgender Awareness Week, and Pride Month held every April. Our center is open to everyone, located in the basement of the MU Student Center.




Provide physical address and room number (if appropriate) so students interested in visiting are able to locate you.

MU Student Center

Location Description

Provide a text explanation of where your space is located so students interested in visiting are able to locate you.

G225 MU Student Center (Located in the basement)


Provide normal operating hours for academic year

Summer hours: Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 4:00pm
Fall & Spring Semester Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Provide resource account students may contact for further information. Only use individual staff email if resource account is not available. Please refrain from using individual student email addresses.


Briefly list and describe annual events, class offerings, workshops, etc that students can attend.

Queer Fall/Spring Fling takes place at the beginning of each semester as a way to get together, introduce the Resource Center and the programs and services it provides. Come enjoy food, drinks, games and fun! The executive board of Triangle Coalition, MU's longest standing LGBTQ Student Organization, will be present to meet guests. Come learn about how to get involved with the LGBTQ community at Mizzou!

Coming Out Week is a series of events that serve to celebrate the courage it takes to be yourself, and includes our annual Pride Photo where LGBTQ & Ally Tigers line up to show our campus and community MU supports all Tigers. We end Coming Out Week with our annual Black N' Gold Amateur Drag Show. This event, also celebrating Homecoming features Mizzou students: Queens, Kings, High Femme, Butch Realness and all manner of gender performances are welcome!

InsideOUT, our KCOU radio show is featured weekly on 88.1 or through Covering today's relevant topics, InsideOUT is a student-run and produced talk show touching on topics such as LGBTQ, Coming Out (stories, how-to advice), healthy relationships, Queer and Greek, Intersectionality, and other social justice topics relevant to the Mizzou community.

Safe Space training is a way to commit to creating a more inclusive and safe space for LGBTQ individuals. These trainings can be requested from our website, and can be adapted to tailor your organization/office/group. We request at least two weeks notice and traditional trainings take a minimum of 2 hours (but can be flexible with time).

OUTreach Panels offer opportunities to bring awareness to the Mizzou community by sharing personal stories. Studies have shown that the best way to combat homophobia is through personal connections, and OUTreach panels provide just that! Requests for an OUTreach panel can be made on the MU LGBTQ website.

Get Involved

Briefly list and explain ways students can get involved with your office or program. This includes but is not limited to employment, volunteer, and leadership positions as well as general membership.

MU LGBTQ has opportunities to take on leadership roles through staff volunteers, Safe Space training, OUTRreach Panels, or through the different student organizations (Fluidity, Queer People of Color, or Triangle Coalition). Staff volunteers are accepted at the beginning of each academic term (Fall, Spring, and Summer).