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SLS 1501 Peer Mentor

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • A Peer Mentor is a current FIU student leader who assists the First Year Experience instructor throughout the length of the course
  • A Peer Mentor is utilized as a great resource for the students and many times lead several discussions on specific topics throughout the SLS 1501 course
  • Lead group activities in order to create that bond and relationship within the students in the FYE course
  • A student who is able to help guide the students throughout their first semester in college by explaining their personal experiences as a freshman

What do we look for in a Peer Mentor?

  • Someone who is responsible and takes the initiative to help others
  • A role model to their fellow peers
  • A student who is energetic and shows pride in FIU
  • One who has a positive attitude is helpful inside and outside of the classroom

Responsibilities as a Peer Mentor:

  • Attend Peer Mentor Training
  • Meet and get to know their professor they are assisting once they are assigned
  • Attend all of their assigned SLS 1501 classes
  • Come up with creative icebreakers and team builders to have the class interact with each other
  • Co-facilitate discussions and activities with the FYE instructor
  • Be positive and have fun with our new Golden Panthers!

Portal Information


The Peer Mentor program is for students who want to be FIU student leaders by assisting a First Year Experience instructor throughout the length of the SLS1501 course. Peer mentors guide fellow students throughout their first semester of college and are a great resource for students in and outside of the classroom. Peer Mentors have the opportunity to lead group activities and discussions during the FYE course and establish special bonds with the students and instructor.