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Scaling Innovation in Humanitarian Response

Wednesday, Apr 24, 6 pm

ALIMA is a humanitarian medical organization headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. ALIMA was founded with three principal areas of expertise: providing medical care, partnering with and supporting local medical NGOs, and conducting research to bring innovation to the field. ALIMA is committed to transforming humanitarian action.

This event will offer a unique opportunity for students interested in the intersection of health care and social enterprise to hear from board members of ALIMA...

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The Complex World of Drug Pricing

Tuesday, Apr 16, 6 pm

This event is open to all Columbia University students, alumni, faculty and staff. Reception to follow. 

The cost of medicines is a major topic of concern for all healthcare stakeholders. It’s hard to look at the news without reading a story about a parent who can’t afford insulin for her child or a new “breakthrough” cancer drug that costs $850,000. Yet it's incredibly hard to understand the opaque world of drug pricing, its cost to the system and impact on patients. Therefore, we...

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15th Annual Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference

Friday, Feb 15, 8 am

Co-hosted by the Healthcare Industry Association (HCIA) and the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program, the annual Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference brings together students, faculty, and professionals to explore the ongoing opportunities and challenges facing the global healthcare industry.  

This year's conference will celebrate 15 years of  Columbia Business School's commitment to fostering a critical and transformative dialogue focused on the future of...

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HCIA Summer Happy Hour next Wednesday!

Join us for a HCIA Summer Happy Hour next Wednesday! Final details to come by the weekend but get excited for mingling, drinks, and bites! 



Special Event: The Future of the Affordable Care Act

Thursday, Nov 17, 12:30 pm

As you know there has been considerable rhetoric and debate about the need for changes to the ACA, notably related to the insurance exchanges. No matter who wins the election there will be changes -- not only in the exchanges, but also other key provisions of the Act. This session will provide informed perspectives of such potential changes, as well as other health policy/legislation that will impact various stakeholders such as hospitals, physicians, health insurers, HCIT/other companies...

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Shifting Healthcare Delivery Models

Wednesday, Feb 3, 7:15 pm

Columbia Business School's Healthcare Industry Association and the Mailman School of Public Health's Future Healthcare Leaders are hosting an evening of networking and discussion on Shifting Healthcare Delivery Models. Students will hear from industry leaders who will speak to their experience in shaping and navigating new ways for individuals and organizations to secure and pay for healthcare services. Appetizers and drinks will be served!

Panelists include:

Elliott Green,...

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