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Ophelie Y Rowe-Allen
Nov 11, 2016

Message from the Bias Response Team

Nov 11, 2016 by Ophelie Y Rowe-Allen

Dear Fairfield University Students,

As a Jesuit institution, Fairfield University supports and values the human dignity of all people.  We strive for students to be agents of change in which their behaviors reflect critical thought and responsible action on moral and ethical issues. We, as a Fairfield University community, should not tolerate any acts of intolerance, racism, or harassment. We must continue to challenge and educate each other and reject acts of discrimination when witnessed. I invite you to take an active role in creating a Fairfield community that is committed to justice, equality, civility, dignity and responsible citizenship.

The Bias Response team would like to inform you that if you have witnessed or experienced an incident of bias, Fairfield University has a mechanism in place for reporting and addressing bias-related incidents. The Bias Response Team operates under the joint auspices of the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Vice President of the Office of Human Resources.  The Bias Response Team uses education and awareness as a means of responding to certain types of bias-related incidents. The Bias Response Team will respond to situations where the informal or formal mechanisms of the Non-Discrimination and Harassment policy are not triggered as stated in the Student Handbook online.

To report any incidents of bias that you have witnessed or experienced and would like to report it please go to the online Bias Response Team Reporting Form located in

Reports can also be submitted confidentially at

We are reminded by St. Ignatius four centuries ago that our individual responses must lead to action, therefore let us be a campus that is united, not a campus that is divided, between acceptance and indifference. 

Remember, “You don’t have to be the target to speak out.”

The Bias Response Team

Ophelie Rowe Allen (Chair)