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The Learning Communities at Bloomsburg University foster an inclusive residential environment where students with similar majors, interests and goals are afforded rich and varied student learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Through collaboration with faculty, staff, and peer mentors; students are able to experience personal and intellectual growth while building relationships in an engaged and friendly community- centered environment.

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Residence Hall / Living Learning Community

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9:30 PM

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121 Columbia Residence Hall

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Jennifer Hunsinger

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Debra Chamberlain

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Jennifer Hunsinger

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The Learning Community's (LC) mission is shaped by the collective mission of the University and the Residence Life Office. A LC is a group of freshmen students who share common academic interests, live together in a residence hall, participate in activities together, and are also enrolled in a cluster of related courses.

By integrating faculty with the undergraduate residential experience, faculty, staff, and students develop a sense of interconnectedness and a mutual concern for the enrichment of their collegiate experience. In addition, LCs provide students with quality studying, meeting, and lecture/discussion space within the residence halls.

Since their inception in 1996, LCs have been a forum for the exchange of ideas and information within a residential setting, providing out-of-class interaction between students and their faculty and supporting academic endeavors.

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We hold social and academic activities.